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Be with your Mom  / Susan Bogart (friend of Marianne )  Read >>
Be with your Mom  / Susan Bogart (friend of Marianne )

she misses you so.  Help her to see that this life is worth living well.  Her heart is broken.  Help mend it Joey.  She's wonderful and important to everybody who knows her. 

Send her signs lots of signs.  Be with her.

Susan mother of James Florentino Bogart or "bogart" find him too be his friend you will love him!

miss you  / Uncle Andy (Uncle)  Read >>
miss you  / Uncle Andy (Uncle)

Thinking about you and how you made us all laugh--I cant wait to see you again.


 Your Uncle Andy

Thanks Joey  / John Carter (Uncle)  Read >>
Thanks Joey  / John Carter (Uncle)
I just wanted to say thank you Joey for being there when the brakes failed in my car. If it wasn't for you, your father and many others I and my son would not be here right now. If there is anyone skeptical about those who have passed over "not being with us" I can assure you that is not the case. I have experienced a traumatic situation which strangely turned into something quite peaceful, even joyful as I remember this one angel (as I refer to him) smiling and laughing as he, along with others pushed my car back onto the road on a hairpin turn at 50 mph plus. Miracle? no. Just a loving family watching over us all the time... Your Uncle misses you Joey and wishes you were still here. Thanks nephew. Close
Miss ya  / Joe Kruger (My little bro )  Read >>
Miss ya  / Joe Kruger (My little bro )

 Hey man Kruger here. I was just thinking of you. It has almost been a year now and I feel the saddness again. It has been hard to adjust not having you around. making late night visit to my apartment. looking for something to do. i can no longer just call your cell phone and say hi. now i have to pray..thank you for helping me through all you have this year. Close
To Joey..  / Crazy Uncle John Carter (Uncle)  Read >>
To Joey..  / Crazy Uncle John Carter (Uncle)

When your father passed I felt I had lost my best friend. When you passed I knew immediately that your Dad was with you and you with him. Time in life is short. You don't realize it until you get older and the years speed up. I hope that we all learn to be kind to one another and love one another. If there is an important lesson I have learned in life it is this one. Family and friends are to be cherished. Here and in the afterlife. Your Uncle loves you and your brothers and mother very much. I know you are with us Joe. Your Uncle loves you..

Reaching For Joy On The Wings Of Angels!  / Ken Prather (Reaching For Joy )  Read >>
Reaching For Joy On The Wings Of Angels!  / Ken Prather (Reaching For Joy )
       For my thoughts of healing energy shall go out to the family and friends of Joseph, for he shall now be found with the presence of Angels. Its within the love and memory that Joseph has shared with the universe and you, that his tribute of love shall be shared with all.
        May this message find the prayers of Angels dancing within your soul, and if you look closely you will find Joseph right within the circle of Angels.
                                                       Reaching For Joy
                                                                Ken Close
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )  Read >>
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

Joey / Joseph Kruger (Older brother from another mother )  Read >>
Joey / Joseph Kruger (Older brother from another mother )
Hello everyone,

   I was making the website for the record label i started in joeys name when karrisa sent me the link to this page for help on the website i started reading yes kruger was reading and i started to miss joey alot i started cring well i just wanted to leave a mark and say i am think of him and all of you hrin     

Happy Easter to Joey and Family!  / Myra Barton Andrei's Mama   Read >>
Happy Easter to Joey and Family!  / Myra Barton Andrei's Mama

"Jesus said to her, "I am the one who brings people back to life, and I am life itself. Those who believe in me will live even if they die. Everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe that?" (John 11:25)

Lord, we do believe that! We cling to that hope with all that is within us. It is that promise that gets us through the day and gives us hope for the future. Thank you for reassuring us that death for your children is merely a passage into a perfect world, where you will one day wipe away all our tears. Thank you for EASTER. Close
Thinking of Joey  / Linda-GN Mom2Dawn&Laurie4ever (friend of Mom )  Read >>
Thinking of Joey  / Linda-GN Mom2Dawn&Laurie4ever (friend of Mom )

Light a Candle

Light a candle for those we mourn
Into a new life they will be born.
Do not look for them at the gravesite.
they are somewhere else radiating their beautiful light.
They have gone to a new world where there is no 
darkness, no pain.
Their light and essence will always remain.
Light a candle for those who have left this mortal place.
They are free to travel through time and space.
When we think of them, they are near.
When we sit in a beautiful garden. Their voices we hear.
When we listen to a divine symphony,
We close our eyes, their faces we see.
Light a candle for they have not really gone.
With each flickering flame, in your hearts they will 
always belong.
I'm Praying For You  / Myra Barton (Andrei's Mom )  Read >>
I'm Praying For You  / Myra Barton (Andrei's Mom )

Dear Mari!

You have a beautiful angel in Joey.  May the lovely memories serve as a comfort to you.  I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

Hugs and peace to you...GOD bless forever...

From your brother  / Michael Brown (Brother)  Read >>
From your brother  / Michael Brown (Brother)
It's Christmas Eve and I'm sitting here watching a black and white movie with mom. I imagine you sitting in the shadows, punching keys on your laptop the way I'm doing now, interjecting now and then to share your newest project or discovery. No one ever expected your idleness because you were always creating and searching. You weren't subtle about that, unlike me. 

Albert's being overprotective of his silly toy and mom has muted the movie to paint. She's painting the unvierse on the wall, using three large canvasses, larger than I've ever seen her use. You're going to be the center of the universe and Bobby and I will flank you.

As we grew into adulthood, I inherited Bobby's hand-me-downs, learned games from him, picked up attitudes and played out scenes of my life's theater using my own individual procedures and intuition I'd scoop up like candy thrown from a parade float. I would play these scenes knowing you were the audience, and my act was to inspire and amaze you. You were never a harsh critic, well except that time when you were 11 and you destroyed all of my baseball cards. I didn't have to hold a sign and light it on fire that says, "Joey I'm trying to make you proud." The smile on your face as I showed you a new video game code when we were kids, that was enough, the ecstatic laughter you shared with me as we drove in my car and collaborating our insanely alike and unique off-kilter sense of humor was enough. I thought, even as you were alive, that you were living in my wake the way I was living in Bobby's wake, and I was in a weird sandwich of inspired and inspirational, and I felt a litle bad that you never got to have a younger brother. You were always trying to catch up to us and do the cool things your older brothers were doing. I do not blame you for vying for attention. Your energy was bursting at the seams of every layer with which you chose to surround yourself, as you felt you were too much of a runt to be able to have a meaningful impact to anyone. You know what? Now is your chance to be that statue in all of our town squares. 

Your statue has a plaque a mile goddamn long. If I told you when you were alive that you were more of an impact that anyone could imagine, you would shrug it off and say you weren't even close to your potential, and I'd agree. Because I feel the same way about myself, and our bond was tighter and more secretive than anyone knew. "Mike, you're the only one who understands." Sometimes I felt guilty I was abandoning that position, but you insisted I was keeping my post. Thanks brother.

You visit me in my dreams. Last night we were on a raft on Lake Michigan looking at Chicago's skyline. You were always a skyline addict as am I. You told me Chicago is the king of towers. I told you I'm glad I live in this city. Were you trying to get me to say that? It's been a spastic year for me, Joey. I'm living in my fifth apartment in my third state since January. But I moved to Chicago for a reason. You're making me happy with my decision.

In another dream we were monorail conductors and you were going "Check this out," pulling levers, making the train fly and freaking everybody out. You're still so Joey, even in my subconscious. Don't ever stop visiting.

I am sorry I made you cry the day mom brought you to the park to play with Monica and I when I was 8. I am sorry that I pushed you down the stairs when you were 6 and left you with that long scar on your cheek. But Joey, I'd always wanted to tell you... chicks dig scars. And I was ever so jealous of that blonde streak in your hair and that one blonde eyebrow. Why couldn't I have been the one born with the cool birthmark?

I am happy that you and I have the band years. I've never seen you so happy as when you were behind that drumset or when you were playing with the creamers at the all night diners where we'd stop after a show on the road. Those drumsticks made you stop bursting at the seams a little because they made your layering stronger and more durable. I hope you've got drumsticks over there. I hope dad is listening.

I love you Joey. Go activate yourself with more ferocity than the physical world could ever let you. Close
Until the end of my days.  / Andru Bemis (friend)  Read >>
Until the end of my days.  / Andru Bemis (friend)
Every time I hear the subtle beauty of a hidden harmony, every small voice pointing out the beauty of waves forming at the horizon, each moment spent in joyful celebration of life .... these are times when Joey is with me. And his presence will be with me until the end of my days. Close
to joey  / Sarah Schneider ("big sister" )  Read >>
to joey  / Sarah Schneider ("big sister" )
i know that you're in a place of wonder now. i imagine that you're fascinated by all that you are able to comprehend and explore.

thank you for all of the joy you brought into my life. you loved to make people laugh and you shared my love for the absurd and non-sensical. you were always up for an adventure.

i remember our crazy time at corn fest in morris with mike. we went on all of the carnival rides until we got stuck upside down on the ring of fire. we went to a dance and some old lady was hitting on you and i had to pretend to be your girlfriend so she'd leave you alone. and the craziest part of the night, when we were at r place and you kept hitting on girls with boyfriends... just to see what would happen.

i have  alot of memories, but the most cherished are those of  the last couple of months i had with you. we had the chance to tell each other how much our friendship meant. i always looked out for you like a big sister and now you'll always be in my heart as my little brother. i know now that you're at peace and know absolute truth.


p.s. "hands off my lavender" Close
To Joey  / Mar Corey (friend)  Read >>
To Joey  / Mar Corey (friend)
To Joey...I've known you since you were little...I've watched you grow and search for the person you wanted to be and I saw you stumble, as we all do, but you took your pain and burned it as fuel for your created music and stunning leave a legacy of creativity...thank you for the gifts of your talent and, Mar Close
Joey / Anne Cook (friend of mother )  Read >>
Joey / Anne Cook (friend of mother )

Dear Marianne and Joey's brothers, my heart goes out to you and I wish you the strength you need at this time.


to my baby boy  / Mom (mom)  Read >>
to my baby boy  / Mom (mom)
Dear Joey, my I now know you are safe, and have crossed over with your daddy and funny pappy. You are with little Andy, with all of the ancestors you saw in the pictures I showed you, you are with everyone who has crossed over. I know now you are sitting on the beach, looking at the ocean and the sun, and asking us all to look for you in the sun, and the rainbows. You have no fear or anxiety, you will be there to help us all cross to the other side. I know now you remember the joy of being here, the trip to Ireland, playing pool and drinking beer and eating pizza with your brothers..I know now you remember the joy of surfing and riding motorcycles with Bobby, and you worry about your brothers, I know now you can hear everything we say, and listen to us, and feel best when we are in celebration and joy, but you know we  must grieve you. Thank you for telling me to find comfort in Albert, thank you for taking care of Ash, thank you for letting me know you are with us all the time. I will never stop talking to you, my wonderful good son, and I will always look forward to the day I see you and daddy and grampa , but until then I will do as you ask , and continue to live here and know that every moment you are by my side. I will look for you in the songs, the lyrics, the music, the red cardinal at the bird feeder, the dreams, the sun and the rainbows. I will see you in the blink of an eye, my darling boy. I love you for eternity. Mom,always Mom.

A Million Miles Apart
> I know it seems as if we are
> A million miles apart,
> But my memories live within you
> They stay deep within your heart
> If you listen very closely
> To the rustle of the trees,
> You'll hear the echo of my laughter
> Floating down amoung the leaves.
> And as the sun shines brightly
> Speading light upon your face,
> My love flows down from Heaven
> Sending you a warm embrace.
> I know it seems as if we are
> A million miles apart,
> But I am right here with you
> I live deep within your heart.
> Close
joey / From Chris Tref (friend)  Read >>
joey / From Chris Tref (friend)

"He wanted live, and he always fought with his destiny. He had a lot of
dreams, only dreams gave to him energy to live. He had a lot of plans
like almost all of us. He wanted to be a doctor, cuz he knew what
illness is. He wanted to make music with me. He played music on ear like
me, but he was most talented than me. He wanted to enter to the college
on 2007, he wanted to learn. He always learned, he did read a lot to
know something new or to find answer on all his questions. He always
tried to help people around him, but many people didn't understand him
as it needed and pushed him away. He loved traveling very much, he want
to see new places, to know nature and culture in other countries. He
loved children, he wanted to be great father, and he thought of names
his future children even. He was very sensitive person, sometimes he
cried, but this happened, cuz of hopeless position he often had. He was
not appraised on dignity. Even I, sometimes, did not believe and didn't
trust him and very hard to me to remember these moments now. He was very
kind person. With him died part of me. He inlaid in me his soul and part
of his life. He proved, that there are good people in our world, but I
understood it very late – after death one of them.
He was an Angel on the Earth, and now he is an Angel in the sky." Close
to Joeys Mother  / Chris Tref (beloved friend )  Read >>
to Joeys Mother  / Chris Tref (beloved friend )

Subject: Hello Marianne, thank you for your message!!!
I am very happy to hear from you. Thank you for your message. I know, that Joey died pecfully, but I am still feel much pain and emptiness. Everything remind me about him. I know how he loved me, he did for me so much. Nobody in my life did so much for me. I had calls from Joey almost everyday. He spend all his time, all his forces and money to somehow be with me. Unfortunatly I understood it very late. We had a lot plans, and it's not easy for me to understand, that all gone. :(. I feel, like I am lost somewhere and can't find out.
He was wonderful person.
And I am so sorry, that I didn't meet him in life.
Sometimes, I can't believe that he's gone. I still have some mails and last messages from him. I still have his contacts in all on-line messangers , we used for chat.
I think, I'll never meet so much amazing person in my life anymore.
HE IS REAL ANGEL, you are right. And you will be surprised , if I told you, that all my friends, my parents, aunt and cousins, grandma and grandma's sister's and friends were very upset. My mom and aunt cried even... and they didn't know him at all.. only once told Hello to eachother on a phone. I just want to say, Joey had and still has enormous charisma. In a sky needs workers, and he is one of them...
Thank you that you grow so wonderful son!
My best wishes to you!

Oh Brother My Brother  / Bobby Brown (Brother)  Read >>
Oh Brother My Brother  / Bobby Brown (Brother)
My Dear wonderful Brother Joey 
I remember the ups and downs of our life, but most of all the ups.  The times in your life that you kept private, the times that when you only let your closest persons in on who you really were.  You took me up over Hawaii and landed the plane on Molokai nearly crashing but recovering perfectly.  I was in the back seat of the plane scared white with sweaty palms.  I will remember our times in Hawaii on the beaches and backroads, the motorcycle rides through the mountains in a thunderstorm while you were on the back trying to hold onto the surfboard riding barefoot. I'll remember the time that you got your bike stolen in a bad neighborhood. I remember delivering our first big beds into our house after living so long in that nasty hostel in Waikiki. I remember meeting gay Jim Nabers on the airfield with you and having him call us little tigers before he left. It weirded us out. I remember eating Hawaiian burgers in Waikiki and how you showed me how to eat a burger with cole slaw to make it taste better, thank you for that Joey.  I remember our trip from Seattle to Phoenix to visit my x girlfriend.  I remember our trip from Michigan to Seattle. I remember our trip from Michigan to Ireland.  I remember getting drunk and watching you sing drunken songs with an old Irishman that didn't make any sense.  I remember thinking we were going to be run over by bulls near Trim Castle.  I remember our trip to Alaska.  I remember the fishing and horseback riding.  I remember our trip to California in 1987, everything about that great and wonderful family trip with Mike, Mom, and our Dad.  I remember you telling me about your trip to Jamaica and Bali and me telling you about all my trips to Roatan, Dominican Rep., Costa Rica, Honduras, and everywhere in Mexico.  We have lived a wonderful life Joey.  You are up there with my son, your nephew.  Fly high with my boy Joey, his name is Andrew.  Keep watch over us all little brother, help us live our lives as they should be lived, one day at a time with laughter and patience towards one another.  No matter what amount of talk of you being in a better place can make me stop missing you on Earth.  My children will know who you were here.  You will not be forgotten, not by me.  I will love you forever little brother, Thank you for the enlightenment you have given me during your time here on earth.  Your brother Bobby Close